Trent Valley Consulting Experience ...OUR CONSULTING EXPERIENCE

The Principals of Trent Valley Consulting, Alan Appleby and Lynda Langford, have worked with a broad variety of clients over the past 15 years, and helped them find solutions to a wide range of issues.

The list below outlines many of the major clients and contracts. Repeat business and retainer work is a good indication of our satisfactory client relationships.
How can we help you?

Where links are indicated, click to see a fuller overview of the work and results, or to access the report produced.

ASUPCA- (Assoc. of Sask. Urban Parks and Conservation Agencies)

Boreal Forest Network- Campbellford/ Seymour Community Foundation, Campbellford ON - CPAWS Saskatchewan: Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Saskatchewan Chapter- Deschambault Lake Forest Products- Mee-Toos Forest Products Ltd.- Municipality of Tweed, Ontario -
PAREDA- (Prince Albert Regional Economic Development Agency) PARKS CANADA: Prince Albert National Park- Pelican Narrows Community Forest Development Ltd.- Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation- Environment and Resource Management Advisor Peter Ballantyne Development Corporation Ltd.- Prairie Spirit Connections Inc., Regina SK -
Professional Development Seminars- Quinte Waste Solutions, Trenton ON -- Reindeer Lake Commercial Fishermen's Co-op- Saskatchewan Environment (Formerly Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management)- Saskatchewan Forestry Association- Workshop Organization and facilitation: Sierra Club of Canada- Timberline Forest Inventory Consultants Ltd.- Amisk-Atik FMA Environmental Assessment- Weyburn and Area Forestry Project- World Resources Institute, Global Forest Watch Canada- World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF)- Saskatchewan Provincial Coordinator
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