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·    Twenty four years of experience with the Government of Saskatchewan progressing through several positions with increasing management responsibilities.
·    Fifteen years in a supervisory or management capacity.
·    Strong project management and organizational skills.

Direction Setting
·    Extensive experience with broad policy development, legislative processes, strategic planning, outcome based planning and risk assessment.
·    Broad knowledge and understanding of federal, provincial and local government structures and decision-making processes.
·    Extensive experience resolving situations where department policy, position or process is not yet established or is unclear.

·    Extensive experience leading broad multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder or federal/provincial projects, e.g. protected areas, ecological land classification, ecosystem management, environmental indicators/state of the environment reporting, climate change, airshed associations.
·    Comfortable serving as champion for new programs or ideas.

·    Extensive experience writing, editing and publishing reports for various audiences ; technical materials, government documents, public information and educational materials.
·    Collaboration with a wide range of academia, stakeholders and public interest groups.
·    Good oral communication, facilitation and negotiating skills.


·    Saskatchewan Environment
o    A/Director Air and Land Section, Environmental Protection Branch (2006)
o    Special Assignment (2 year) – Air Quality/Airshed Management Special Project (2004 to 2006)

·    Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management
o    Senior Manager/Director of Policy and Legislation Services (1996-1997 and 1999-2004)
o    Special Assignment (18 months)– Ecosystem Management Special Project (1997-1998)
o    Manager of Policy and Planning – Policy and Public Involvement Branch (1993-1996)

·    Saskatchewan Natural Resources
o    Manager of Sustainable Development – Integrated Policy Unit (1991-1993)

·    Saskatchewan Tourism and Renewable Resources
o    Research Officer - Parks Branch (1985-1991)
o    Park Planner - Parks Branch (1981-1985)

·    Lower Trent Conservation Authority
o    Programming and Marketing

Fish and Wildlife Technology Diploma (3yr): Sir Sandford Fleming College, Ontario

Bachelor of Science (Biology/Geography): Trent University, Ontario

Master of Arts (Canadian Studies) : Trent University, Ontario (in progress)

Certificate of Administration:  University of Regina, Saskatchewan

Middle Management Training Program: Government of Saskatchewan


Strong leadership skills and ability to think through complex issues and projects
Sound judgment
Ability to deal with difficult staff situations with sensitivity yet effectiveness
Insightful and strategic thinking
Team player
Intuitive and direct

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