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Trent Valley Consulting is a continuation and enhancement of a long established successful firm. Alan G. Appleby Consulting Services began operation in the spring of 1993. Alan has broad experience in both government and the consulting field.

We can also call on a wide range of associates who can augment ourbase to include almost any aspect of environment and resources management. This short overview will provide a brief introduction to the firm and its services. If you would like to find out more about us with respect to your specific needs for consulting services, please contact us at the addresses on this web site.


We believe that there are ways to explore, discover and develop in this world without destroying humanity or the environment. We hope the work we do will continue to contribute to that ideal.


The abilities of the company can best be referenced by referral to the work we have successfully completed. Our direct experience is in the following major areas:

If we can be of service to you in these or other areas, please contact us. Please take a look at our Sample Project Experience to see if we fit your needs.

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